2017 Performances

Voices from Inside

December 2nd – 3rd, 2017 at First Congregational Church

Performed monologues, poetry and vignettes written by people who are currently incarcerated, with musical accompaniment and songs by local artists Roosevelt Baker and Charley Brown. Learn more here. 

Letters from Home: Incarcerated New Yorkers Reflect on the Love of Their Families

October 2017 at First Congregational Church with Prisoners’ Legal Services of New York for the 7th Annual Pro Bono Celebration Event

Through the stories of incarcerated individuals, attendees will hear about the importance of family and friends and the need for communication by letters, phone calls and visits. The stories will be performed by the Soul Rebel Performance Troupe.


A Weekend of Drama, Comedy, Monologues and Standup Comedy, including 4 One-Act Plays 

July 2017 at First Congregational Church

Chris is a hopeless romantic who can’t find true love, so he turns to his friend Joe for help, and Joe convinces him to leave matters of the heart to natures truest match maker…the computer. As Chris meets his perfect match he encounters a great surprise. Still, this match may help him achieve instant harmony.

Harriet Tubman, suspected of plotting an escape on the Underground Railroad, has been sent to a therapist for evaluation. The doctor, also an African American woman, warns Harriet about the dangers of radical action.

VATICAN 3G by Joe Starzyk
Can you still receive absolution when the cyber-age invades the confessional? Or maybe it’s better stated by the age old joke: “A priest, a parishioner and a smart phone walk into a confessional…”

A young woman from New York City goes to Meridian, Mississippi, where her parents, who were freedom fighters in the ’60s, met and fell in love.

Featuring: La Comedienne Doreen Watson, Sheilah Miller, Andrew Vroman, Roseann Cane, Bill Douglas, Joe Starzyk, Carmen Longshire, Marquis Heath, Sierra Lynch, Carol Durant, Jean-Remy Monnay, Kim Wafer, Kelsy Nevins, Judie Bouchard.

Stage Manager – Amelia Paul

The Exonerated

May 2017 at First Congregational Church

Written by Jessica Blank and Eric Jensen.

Using court transcripts, interviews and letters, this play recounts in their own words the stories of six Americans who were convicted and sentenced to death for crimes they did not commit. Together, the five men and one woman spent more than 100 years on death row before being freed.

Directed by Jean-Remy Monnay – with a “talk back” following each performance.

“Raising the curtain on injustice” (Times Union, May 2017)