2016 Performances

Intimate Apparel

September – October 2016

By Lynn Nottage

In segmented, Victorian New York, a black prostitute, a white millionaire and an Orthodox Jewish merchant would never meet. But through her work sewing beautiful corsets, Esther befriends all three, as they search for love and happiness against the odds. A great play with a little naughtiness, a little drama, and a little comedy. A little something for everybody.

Featuring Victoria Benkoski, Aileem Penn, Kelsy Nevins, Andrew Vroman, Carolyn McLaughlin and Rebekah Brisbane

Directed by Jean-Remy Monnay



July 2016

by Danai Gurira. Starring Adrian Coleman, Angelique Powell, D. Colin, Kendra Neal, Michelle Gordon. Amid the chaos of the Liberian Civil War, the captive “wives” of a rebel officer band together to form a fragile community.

“Soul Rebel Performance Troupe stages Tony Award-winning play ‘Eclipsed’” (Times Union, July 2016)

Wedding Secrets

May 2016

by Joe Starzyk at the Russell Sage College – James L. Meader Little Theatre in Troy, NY

Who ever thought falling in love could be so @#$%ing complicated?!

Emmett Ferris, Sharon DeSilva, Dan DeWolf, Rita Machin, Aileem Penn, Kelsy Nevins, Keyonn Everett, Suzanne Baker, Nora Collins, Matt Calautti, Joe Starzyk, Mary Daigneaux, Meghen Ryan

Directed by Mary Daigneaux.


Slow Dance on the Killing Ground 

February 2016

by William Hanley  at the Sand Lake Center for the Arts in Averill Park.  (Averill Park, NY)

What will happen when an anxious young black man, an old German immigrant and a pregnant, white teenager are thrown together on a strange, dark, fateful night in Brooklyn? Find out!

Aileem Penn, Bill Douglas, Katharine Dashiell

Directed by Jean-Remy Monnay
With special permission by Dramatists Play Service

The Unfinished Business of Martin Luther King, Jr. 

January 2016

A community celebration and dialogue in honor of Dr. King at the Saratoga Film Forum.