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October 13, 14, 20

“No More Monsters Here”: CapRep B-Side Project – 251 North Pearl Street, Albany.

A satire about a young white female who visits a psychiatrist and gets diagnosed with “Negro-phobia”: a fear of African American people. The psychiatrist tells her that the cure is for her to spend three days literally living in the body of a young African American male who lives in the hood. The end result is a revelation that will make you laugh, shock you, and perhaps break your heart!

Friday, October 19

Prisoners Legal Services (PLS) Pro Bono Events: At Capital Repertory Theatre     

October 26 and 27

Play TBA: Siena College

November 8, 9, 10 and 15, 16, 17

After the Darkness-Written and Directed by Joe Starzyk

A female reporter, Madison Felton is doing a story on convicted child killer, Ronald Daber. In an effort to learn about both sides of the story, she not only goes to prison to interview Daber, but she also interviews the mother of the boy who was murdered. During her interviews she finds that the more fascinating character is actually the grieving mother who is trying to find a way to move forward. Even though Madison stares into the face of pure evil, she learns that the real power she encounters is that of forgiveness.

November 30 

American Dream: Siena College, Roger Bacon – Key Auditorium RB202

A dramatic exploration of the immigrant experience in today’s America, told through monologues, poetry and song.



Special events at Schenectady Civic Playhouse




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